Image Prompt Response

I visited Heather’s blog here for an image prompt. This was a fun one!

By Kam Abbott of Nanaimo, Canada – Handfasting of Ivannia & Jon – 100_1505, CC BY 2.0,

“The Enea were quite specific. The handfasting must take place at Stonehenge. No other location will do,” said Richard. He had a punctilious air and had managed to embed himself deep within the interspecies negotiation. Lyla didn’t trust him.

“Did you explain that ceremonies are no longer permitted within the ring of stones?” asked Lyla.

“They are undeterred. Obviously, we can’t have every human on a whim hold a ceremony within the stones, but for a ceremony uniting humanity with the only other intelligent race we’ve encountered surely allowances can be made.”

“Well, the Enea have made their demands known, and what of the groom’s people? The human consulate? What do they say?” She referred here to James the human who was to be bound to the Enea representative

“They have promised the Enea a spectacle. It is up to the Enea to define what that means. And I object to the groom/bride terminology. You know the Enea do not see gender in those terms. It is only out of their desire for meeting us halfway that this handfasting is not joining an entire family group to James.”

“Have they requested we use different gender terms?” Lyla inquired. “I wasn’t aware they had any terminology that would take the place of bride and groom.”

“Well no not as such.”

“Hmm…perhaps that will be the way of it for our next set of ambassadors. This ceremony was selected because it only binds them for a year and a day. After that new ambassadors can be found.”

Richard huffed. “I’m late for my next meeting. Make Stonehenge happen.” He scuttled out of the room.

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