Magic Realism Response

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Inspector Jamar didn’t run in such high circles that would allow him to rub shoulders with billionaires. He had a small group of friends that kept him plenty busy. And he supposed he hadn’t truly met a billionaire so much as investigated the death of one.

Before him lay sprawled the remains of one of the richest Octogenes to ever visit the Terran system. The Octogenes were, in general, a wealthy species. They seemed to have a weird genetic advantage when it came to making money. The wealth of any solar system they encountered was soon funneled into their joint coffers.

The Octogene had as the name implied eight arms/legs. of all the Terran species they most resembled the octopus. Though they could travel on land quite a bit they preferred an aqueous environment.

This particular Octogene had taken the name Sir Downgrath according to a DNA scan. Downgrath appeared to have been ripped apart by brute strength. The pieces were all within a six-foot chalk circle. Tentacular limbs lie on grass, the soil beneath wicking the blood away from the crime scene. Scraps of his uniform still clung to pieces of his body.

Also within the circle was a sweet potato and what his techs assured him was a broken barometer.