Books – October 2019

Borderline by Mishell Baker
Semiosis by Sue Burke
Sapphire Flames by Ilona Andrews
The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion by Margaret Killjoy
Dragon Fall by Katie MacAllister

Photo by Plush Design Studio from Pexels

Millie has Borderline personality disorder and is recovering from attempted suicide. She is offered a job working with the Arcadia Project an organization that polices fey visiting Earth. As part of her probationary training, she assists in locating a fey who has overstayed his time on Earth and is late going back to Arcadia. Things go awry but Millie never stops working the puzzle pieces. She’s working with the BPD and her physical disability and still not stopping her investigation even when she’s booted off the team.

It was super interesting to me to see other kinds of mental illnesses play out. It gave me a fresh perspective on my own.

In Semiosis humans with high ideals and envisioning building a better human society travel the stars and find a new planet with life and make an attempt at adapting to it. The story is told over several generations. The most startling discovery is that the plant life is sentient. Some of the plants want to harm the humans some want to ‘domesticate’ them. There is a lot of man vs nature here but also a fair bit of man vs man. There is a revolution early on.

The story is light on the science. Just enough to answer my more pressing questions but not so much that the story felt bogged down by it. Things end on a hopeful note. Looking forward to reading more by Burke.

I actually dropped everything else I was reading to read Sapphire Flames. Part of the Hidden Legacy series, this novel starts us off with a new POV character. Catalina Baylor is newly the head of her House, her families grace period is coming to an end and soon other Houses will be trying to kill them off. There are also bills to pay, a murder to solve, a kidnapped woman to find, and oh, yes! a hot guy to flirt with. Read it super fast. Then started over and re-read the bits I’d skimmed the first time.

The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion is a novella and a super quick read. It was nice and creepy, the initial description of the three-horned deer really set the stage. The way it ended made me think there may be a sequel in the works, so I’ll keep an eye out for that.

Katie MacAllister has a whole shapeshifting dragons romance series. I’ve read a few of the books here and there. I keep meaning to do a read-through of the series from the beginning. Not sure how Dragon Fall, in particular, ended up on my TBR. This was a great example of the fun books MacAllister writes. Fun banter between hero and heroine. Entertaining demon sidekick. The fate of all dragon kind is at stake.