Titles Prompt Response

Healer of Petals

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

“Excuse me miss. I was given to understand that this was the residence of the Healer of Petals”

Larette was rather surprised to find one of the newly arrived alien Blern. She’d seen them in the news lately. A small contingent had made contact with Australia of all contents. They were not bipedal exactly they were more like a millipede standing with its fore part upward. That much she had seen on the news. She had not realized that there was a group of them in the states nor that they smelled like a mix of lavender and mint. Or at least this one did. A man stood behind the Blern on her doorstep he gave a small wave and looked chagrined.

Larette had a lot of questions. Here was the first. “Healer of Petals?”

The man spoke up, “Honorable _____ is in need of a botanist.” He pointed to the wilted plant clutched in the Honorable _________’s forelimbs. It blended in a bit with the Blern’s carapace.

“And I am a botanist.” She paused for a beat to contemplate her options. Obviously, she couldn’t send them away…