Image Prompt Response

I visited Heather’s blog here for an image prompt. The results are below!

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay 

Rachel ran through the night looking for someplace to hide. Looking behind her she saw the monster. It was slower on land than in the water, but it was gaining on her. It walked on eight tentacles. It’s eight eyes conveyed menace.

She ducked into a backyard hoping to hide and escape notice. She could hear it making outraged clicking sounds with its beak. There was a cellar back here perhaps she could hide there. She opened the cellar doors with a creak. She walked down into the cellar closing the doors behind her. It was dark without the moonlight she felt along the wall for a light switch, but thought better of it. What if the monster saw? She felt for a bar or locking mechanism, but there wasn’t one.

She walked down the rest of the steps to the cellar’s floor. She sat on the ground and tried to catch her breath. There was a faint rattling above and then the cellar doors burst open and off their hinges. The monster gave an unearthly scream.