Prompt Response – Vampires

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hell, berate
repulsive, mist
entreat, fat
boat, hypnotize

Photo by from Pexels

“The thing about vampires is, you could be just living your life, not even considering donating blood to one of those repulsive leaches and BANG they hypnotize you,” said Pauly. He had as his proof seen dozens of vampires movies that his parents would have berated him for watching had they known.

“You know that’s true,” said Saul.

“Well hell,” said Emma, “Everyone knows that. And even if you think you’re safe in your house, they can turn to mist flow through cracks in the door.”

“No hold on a second,” entreated Saul, “They can’t just come in uninvited. If you live in a house they’ve got to be asked then. But after that sure they could come in as mist.”

“And I’ve heard,” said Pauly, “that garlic does a fat lot of good.”

“Well,” said Emma, who had long dreamt of becoming a pirate, “If they can’t enter houses, what if you’re living on a boat? Can they enter your boat?”

This was a puzzler for the threesome and they spent the rest of the afternoon debating whether or not a boat could be considered a house.