Image Prompt Response

I visited Heather’s blog here for an image prompt. The results are below!

african-penguin-animal-animal-photography-1881761 (1)
Photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels

Gerald’s stuffed penguin must be along here somewhere, thought Laney. The area looked far different at night though than it had during the day. Her employer had brought Laney along with her to Cornwall to look after little Gerald. They’d had a good time walking along the out cropping over looking the sea. But at some point the stuffed penguin must have gone overboard on the stroller and now the child was inconsolable without it. Thus Laney was retracing their steps. Now however it was cold and dark, and there didn’t seem to be any likely way that she would find the missing toy. The water so bright a blue in the day light seemed to be almost menacing now.

But what was this? A stray bit of black and white. It was out on one the rocks. Perhaps tossed there by the wind? If she was careful she could grab it before it was lost to the sea. She gathered up her courage and stepped out onto the rock. The water splashed up. The tide was higher now than it had been during the day. She bent over to pick up the stuffed toy. Triumphantly she held it aloft and began making her way off the rock. But alas, too quickly. She slipped and fell into the water. Her head hit against the rock and darkness descended on her in earnest.

When she awakes again she is cold and drenched, but somehow alive. She hears the sound of nearby traffic. She is on the side of the road. And there not far from her are the rocks she bashed her head on. And on the rocks a merman. Skin of amber where it met with a tail scaled in a dark red. He was examining the toy penguin. She gasped and he looked up. He threw the toy at her and dove into the surf.