Prompt Response – Nest Egg

Random Word Prompt Generator

butterfly, tempt
brave, hamburger
dream, burly
glasses, juggle

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Gerald tossed his half-eaten hamburger down on his plate. “What do you mean you sold the butterfly? That was our nest egg!”

Jen was beginning to regret discussing this with Gerald in person. She had thought she was being brave but now she thought she was just being foolish for not doing this from several states away over the phone. Gerald was burly with wiry hair covering his forearms and a dark beard on his face. And of course, at one time Jen had thought him the love of her life. That had been before he’d managed to isolate her from her friends and family. Before all those kind and charming words turned to insult after belittling insult.

Just the idea that he thought that her grandmother’s antique butterfly was somehow part of his nest egg. Well, he could just forget about that. She’d had a dream recently in which she’d poisoned him and live happily ever after with him out of her life. Tempting, but of course she would be the very first suspect.

She pushed her glasses up her nose, juggling her thoughts she….