Books – February 2020

A Longer Fall by Charlaine Harris
The Twilight Saga Complete Collection by Stephenie Meyer
Sweep with Me by Ilona Andrew
Salvaged by Madeleine Roux
How to Run with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The latest for Charlaine Harris is A Longer Fall. Harris writes in the way I wish I could get paid to. Terse and spare, with only the bare minimum of description. This is book two in a series. I enjoyed it just as much as I recall enjoying book one. This series is equal parts urban fantasy, western, and alternate history. I’m looking forward to future books in this series.

I reread the entire Twilight Saga, specifically because I couldn’t remember how something happened at the end of the last book. I enjoyed this reread more than I remember liking it in the first read-through. Maybe my first read-through was colored by my prejudgment? An interesting take on vampires and werewolves and the high schoolers who fall in love with them.

Sweep with Me is the latest novella in the Innkeeper Chronicles. It’s a brief look into the world that I enjoyed. I’ve actually already reread it! Dina and Sean navigate their relationship some more. Dina probes into the distance she feels between herself and her inn. And of course, the guests create delightful drama.

In Salvaged Rosalyn is a biohazard spaceship cleaner. She’s also in hiding from her family. Soon these two things collide. And a sentient spore is trying to take over the universe.

In How to Run with a Naked Werewolf Anna is on the run from her ex. She left the safety of a werewolf pack where she was their doctor and has been fleeing and taking jobs where she can find them to keep running. This all changes when she rescues a werewolf from being shot to death.