Magic Realism Bot Prompt

Pick one prompt or many. Craft a piece of fiction. Post it to your location and drop a link in the comments here.

  1. A princess turns into every giant sequoia in Khartoum
  2. A nurse in China writes a book on how to stab music.
  3. An opera house is haunted by the ghost of a Norwegian bureaucrat. She was killed by a two-year-old Canadian girl.
  4. A professor finds a legendary book containing instructions for building a shopping mall out of Stradivarius violins.
  5. A midwife celebrates Thanksgiving with a crocodile and a kitten.
  6. A Panamanian math teacher hears of a castle located inside a volcano, and starts looking for it.
  7. There is a 4th century BC Basque prophecy that you will be poisoned by a swan.
  8. Every day, a Young Adult writer starts to look more and more like George Washington.
  9. An asshole grows and grows until it is the size of Mexico City.
  10. A dinosaur is diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.

Magic Realism Bot generator found here.

I’ll post my free writing piece next weekend.

Image by Helmut Stirnweis from Pixabay