Prompt Response – Sequoia

Magic Realism Bot prompt generator

A princess turns into every giant sequoia in Khartoum

Photo by Mike Krejci from Pexels

The trick wasn’t really to become every sequoia in Khartoum. No, the real trick was becoming a princess again. Vani felt the wind flowing through her branches the sun beating down on her canopies. In some areas, there was rain in others mist. One tree along the border of blank and blank was malnourished because the soil flowed down the other side of the hill when it rained. A few of her trees grew scraggly as bonsai in the windswept hilltops made of granite.

Vani tried to remember what it felt like to have two little feet inside delicate slippers instead of many roots plunged into earth. She tried to remember the feel of her mother’s hugs instead of the way raindrops trickled down her trunks. Time was different when you were trees. How long had she been away from her body? What would be left when she returned?

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