Books – March 2020

Ancestral Night by Elizabeth Bear
A Nameless Witch by A. Lee Martinez
Dead Spots by Melissa F. Olson
Boundary Crossed by Melissa F. Olson
Moon Dance by J.R. Rain

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

In Ancestral Night, while investigating a salvage in space Haimey gets injected with something that allows her to sense and manipulate gravity. The salvage turns out the be more perilous than she and her crew realize and she ends up needing to stretch her own skills and new abilities to the limits to resolve the conflict.

There’s a lot of fun social stuff happening as well. Along with the ability to ‘tune’ one’s mood to achieve optimal results.

In A Nameless Witch, the MC is born undead. She is recruited to become a witches apprentice. Eventually, she goes out on an adventure of her own. She takes with her a demon-possessed duck. And is joined by a troll and a White Knight. Fun read! Especially enjoyed the MC fighting against her desire to eat good people.

In Dead Spots, Scarlett Bernard is a null. She makes werewolves, vampires and witches human while they are within range of her. Her day job is a cleaner for supernatural problems. Kill a bunch of chickens while running around as a werewolf? Call Scarlett. Kill a human while drinking their blood? Call Scarlett. Things are going basically fine in her life until some vampires are killed in a way that suggests a null was involved. Suddenly she’s in a race against time to figure out whodunnit.

In Boundary Crossed, Lex’s niece is kidnapped. Lex stops the kidnappers but ends up getting stabbed and dies several times in the operating room. She comes to find out that she is a boundary witch. A kind of witch that works at the border between life and death. Her niece is a null and valuable to the supernatural set. Lex will stop at nothing to protect her niece.

In Moon Dance, Samantha Moon is a mom, a PI, and a vampire. Her life is very complicated. She soon learns more about what it means to be a vampire and more about the supernatural world in general.