Titles Prompt Response

The Doors of the Petals
Abyss in the Emerald


Image by Nicole Köhler from Pixabay 

Fizzpop, had been on a long journey through the valley of thorns. Across the vast wastelands, along the borderlands. And here finally she was before the door of petals. This was what all that had come before was for. This was the final effort. She took the key from around her neck. She pricked her thumb along the thorn key’s teeth and plunged it home in the lock of the door.

The door pushed open and before Fizzpop, all she could see was the emerald abyss. Here then was the heart of all emeralds. She knew that to enter was death, So she took the bucket tied to the rope that she had guarded all the long trip here and cast it out into the abyss. She pulled it back she could see it seemed to float on a tide of emerald. She pulled it through and while it appeared to slosh while in the abyss. In her flesh and blood world it formed into a solid emerald that filled the bucket completely.