Image Prompt Response

I visited Heather’s blog here for an image prompt. The results are below!

Image by M W from Pixabay 

Let’s be clear from the beginning. The well was never haunted. I say that upfront because the stories around it tend to make people think that it is inhabited by some variety of spirit. And I suppose there is some truth to the idea that a witch drowned in it. But I have it on good authority that her spirit passed on.

So what then of the stories that have spread about the great Llandrin well? They all come back to the Naiad name Lin. She was unusual for her kind. Most Naiads chose to remain in the world between worlds that all water creates for them to live in. She did not enjoy the association with her own kind and came to spend more and more time in the human world. The Llandrin well became renowned for not only giving water. But it was rumored that it gave a healing water. Not entirely untrue as it was a pure water, kept that way by Lin’s persistence in the world.