Opening Line Response

Detroit had been without darkness for months.

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

It wasn’t clear what exactly what was going on with the sun. Scientists had some sciency sounding ideas but they were pretty much just whistling in the dark. Not that it was dark anymore. Because it certainly wasn’t Jen had fashioned blackout curtains from old bedsheets. The light was muffled but by no means were these homemade blackout curtains a substitute for the real things.

Jen tossed and turned. The bed was as comfortable as ever. Which was to say not very. She purchased the firm mattress from IKEA instead of the medium and after lugging it up two flights of stairs just kind of gave up on correcting the mistake. Now her back was paying for it. But really it was the light that was the problem. She’d tacked up for makeshift blackout curtains, her apartment complex would probably not appreciate all of the nail holes, but things had progressed past her being concerned about her security deposit.

The freaking sun just stayed there. It appeared to be a perpetual noonday sun. Interestingly enough the rest of the world was experiencing nothing at all. All the scientists in the world were converging on Detroit, MI trying to figure out the mystery. It was all the local news was talking about. That and the suicides. Those were on the uptick in Detroit as well. Crime was down. No more dark of night to murder people in.

Jen got up and went to her kitchen cupboard. This was reserved for tea and meds. Most of the meds were sleep aids. Sleep and she had had a complicated relationship before the sun refused to leave the sky. But now she was taking a little bit of everything for even just a few hours of restorative sleep. She shook a few valerian root pills into her hand and swallowed them down with some flat sprite. Next was the CBD oil. And last was Melatonin. None of them worked for her on their own anymore. But together they usually bought her a few hours.

She needed to sleep for a little bit, she had to work tomorrow. And while her job wasn’t glamorous. She did need to be able to focus to do it.