Image Prompt Response

I visited Heather’s blog here for an image prompt. The results are below!

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay 

How to marry a mermaid.

Ever since I’d heard of mermaids I knew I was going to marry one one day. I wasn’t specific on the how or the exact details. Hell just the ceremony, contemplating it now as an adult would seem a bit insurmountable. But still somehow when I was ten and watching Ariel sing, where other children wanted to be mermaids I wanted to marry one.

This singular desire shaped me. I got out to the beach every chance I got as a kid. I knew I’d have to be a strong swimmer to keep up with my future beloved. And I was always swimming further from shore than my parents were comfortable with. Dad or my older brother would be sent to fetch me in. I had when I was younger confused to the family in general my life’s ambition. I soon learned to stop talking about it. Apparently, mermaids were fictional. But to me, they were quite real and I was determined to prove it.

I studied everything about the sea. I could by the time I entered high school site you all kinds of information about local sea life and had even gone into studying the fishing industry.

The more I learned the less room there seemed to be in the oceans for full-fledged mermaid society. Had they all died out before humans came on the scene? I went to college and decided to study marine biology. I took every opportunity for field trips that I could manage. Always on the lookout for the glorious melding of fish and mammal.